There couldn’t be a cooler place to grab a lunchtime meal in the West Loop than Au Cheval.  It’s sets up as an upscale diner but with a grunge and laid back feel.  The first thing you notice when walking in is the turned up music and every day has a unique play list, old and new.  The open kitchen showcases chef style food preparation with a great mix of upscale ingredients with good old standards.  However the food coma is created by the “single” burger.

The single burger is actually 2 patties which Im guessing is 70/30 or 80/20 stacked high with a knife down the middle.  It comes with french fries accompanied with a garlic aoli. You can get some traditional add on’s but it’;s highly recommend to get the the thick cut bacon and the fries egg.  If you’re not into doing work for the day the single burger should comatize you pretty good but if you absolutely don’t want to stay awake at work go for the double, it’s the company killer.

Great customer service. Nice decor. Dimly lit and intimate. The wait time for the burgers was super quick. This place stood up to the reputation that proceeds it.

A friend and I ordered the Burger w/ bacon and egg, the Fried Bologna Sandwich and the Fries topped with Egg.

When I ate there the Burger was perfectly cooked, the thick cut bacon was tender and the egg exploded into every crevice making the burger even more savory. The biggest thing that stood out to me was the mere construction of the burger, there was literally not one topping that fell off of that burger. Every bite was the same. To me that is a sign of a restaurant that really understands how to make a great sandwich

The Fried Bologna Sandwich was a winner too. It was salty, savory and plied high. No complaints!

The Fries were crispy and almost addictive. Especially when you grabbed a fry, a little egg and dip it in that garlic sauce. That sauce was amazing because I’m a big fan of garlic.

Bone marrow and beef marmalade was really good. Bologna sandwich could’ve done without – really nothing special. Burgers were decent. Definitely the best in America as their award claims. Service was good, ambience was nice and food was good quality.

Standing ovation to Au Cheval, also their homemade root beer was tasty too.

They have a good playlist too.